About Us

TheSurvivorsFund.com (The Southeastern Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Charitable, all-Volunteer organization that helps to provide financial assistance to injured or fallen motorcyclists and their families.

Proceeds raised through community events and fundraisers are used to help these individuals who have fallen on hard times due to their accident(s).

This organization is not an “MC” or a motorcycle club – there is no membership. It consists of a group of Volunteers whose main goal is to assist victims of motorcycle accidents and their families. To provide assistance to the survivors can involve helping to pay expenses, or if needed, just a shoulder to cry on.

To do this, the SEMMSF holds several annual fundraisers and events. The monies raised go into the SEMMSF’s operating fund. It is used for Survivor Benefits and to help promote safety and awareness in the motorcycle community.

Support from various motorcycle groups and individuals are always welcome and needed. Businesses, especially those who have contact with the motorcycle community, are especially important, providing points of contact for collecting donations, promoting the survivor’s fund and sponsoring events that directly help families in need. All ideas and suggestions are welcome, and can be sent to the Board of Director’s on this site.

The applicant(s) in need fills out the Affidavit for Assistance, then submits it to the Board Of Directors of the SEMMSF, Inc. for review. At that time, the Board goes over the application, and sets up a time to meet with the motorcyclists and/or the families. Everyone is contacted to set up a meeting by the Board no matter what you ride, or which club/group/affiliation that you represent. Everyone is given the same consideration.

At the time of the initial meeting, we will sit down with the applicant and go over the information submitted on the application. Sometimes, there are suggestions/advice or direction that the Board may offer to the applicant, to make sure they have exhausted all of their options. Once this is done, the Board will then sit down one more time and review the application in a closed meeting. At this time, the Board discuses the severity of the application, and votes on the amount of money to assist the applicant. Note that no monies are given to the applicant. All agreed upon bills are sent directly to our Treasurer, and checks will be sent from the allotted amount of funds approved by the Board of Directors.